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Selecting Materials

October 27, 2009

Once you’ve defined your project, making decisions about flooring materials, colors, hardwood styles and appliance models early on can pay great dividends. There are several reasons for this. First, this preliminary research will familiarize you with not only the decorative and functional options available, but also the expense associated with each of your choices. You will enter into negotiations with your contractor having a much better handle on the true cost of your supplies and materials.  (more…)


The Risks of Ignoring the Permitting Process

July 10, 2009

Failing to procure the necessary approvals for your project can cost you dearly down the road. If your municipality official discovers that you are performing construction without a permit, the Building and Safety Division can and will require that you demolish all work and begin from scratch under the watchful eyes of the building inspectors.


Nearly all forms of construction on residential or commercial private property, whether new or remodeled, require building permits. If you plan to move walls, build an addition or remodel an entire room, you will definitely need a permit(s).