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My Story

August 19, 2008

During my December 2006 holiday vacation, a plumbing accident on the top floor of my condominium building unleashed a downpour of water that saturated all of the units below it, including mine on the bottom floor.


Replicating hurricane-type conditions, flooding destroyed the walls, ceilings, hardwood floors and my beloved chef’s kitchen. Facing not only severe water damage, but also significant mold and asbestos hazards, my home would need to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. The toughest pill to swallow was that none of it was my fault. And yet, this type of catastrophe is all too common. (more…)


Share your Contractor Story

August 18, 2008

Every homeowner boasts a contractor story, from the unscrupulous character who disappeared with his deposit to the remodel that lingered forever. Post a comment here if you’d like to share your story.

Greetings from Harvard to Hardhat

August 17, 2008

Greetings from the author of From Harvard to Hardhat: How I Hired, Managed and Survived my Contractor. As a former flood victim, I lost my home and had to rebuild it from the ground up (literally)! My MBA may be from Harvard, but my contractor’s license is from the prestigious School of Hard Knocks. If you have a question about hiring a contractor, managing the construction process, surviving the experience or haggling with the insurance company, I will do my best to help. Just send a comment. New to blogging? Check out this excellent video at: