A Message for Rhode Island Flood Victims

I’ve been there. I lost my home and almost all of my personal belongings to a flood back in 2006. I wanted to share three tips that helped me get through the initial phase of the experience. 1) Take photos of everything. Once clean-up crews arrive, the damage may appear less severe to insurance adjusters. You will want great images to help negotiate your insurance settlement. 2) Network now for contractor referrals. If you choose not to use you insurance company’s contractor, you will need to interview several candidates in order to find someone reliable (more advice on gathering contractor referrals appears below). 3) Call your friends and ask them if they know anyone in the insurance business. Talking to “experts” will give you invaluable insider advice for negotiating your claim. (Also see the “Ten Tips for Managing the Inevitable Insurance Claim” article on this site for more insurance advice).

Take Photos of Everything!

Above all, keep your chin up (even when people ask “Are you back in your home yet?” and you want to slap them. They are just asking because they care). If you and your family are healthy, keep in mind how much more important that is than any construction or insurance challenge your will face.

Your home will be put back together, and it will be better than ever. And you will get a free education in insurance negotiation, contractor management and survival. Take it from someone who has been there.


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