Selecting Materials

Once you’ve defined your project, making decisions about flooring materials, colors, hardwood styles and appliance models early on can pay great dividends. There are several reasons for this. First, this preliminary research will familiarize you with not only the decorative and functional options available, but also the expense associated with each of your choices. You will enter into negotiations with your contractor having a much better handle on the true cost of your supplies and materials. 

Another reason to begin this process early is that, whether you are purchasing these items yourself or your contractor is performing this service for you, evaluating your choices will take up more time than you can possibly imagine. It is far better to accomplish as much of this as you can up front, rather than having to do so on the spot during the course of your construction. Even the most organized contractors will require you to make certain decisions with little, if any, lead time. Further, there will be issues that arise unexpectedly, even with the most thorough planning. Finally, if you wait to order materials, there may be rush charges or additional complications should your favorite selections not be readily available. 

In order to minimize last-minute trips to Home Depot during work hours, rush fees and hasty decisions, I recommend making a list of any and all materials that appeal to you before your remodel even begins. If you are unsure about certain choices, remember that these need not be set in stone; obviously you can always change your mind as you approach the start date. Not only will you avoid future disruptions with respect to your time but, as mentioned above, you will gain an excellent knowledge of the cost associated with each of your options.



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