Hurricane Season is Here!

With hurricane season in full swing, the prospect of widespread flooding is top of mind — especially in coastal communities. Following are a few actions you can take to better prepare yourself if you should find yourself the victim of significant water damage.

Check your homeowners insurance coverage limits: Between mold abatement, structural repairs, personal property and hotel expenses, your total claim could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – well short of the coverage many homeowners have.

Network for contractor referrals before a disaster happens: It took me months to find a contractor I trusted who was willing to rebuild my home within the budget I negotiated with the insurance company. If I had a short list of quality contractors and/or subcontractors at my finger tips at the time of my flood, I might have been able to get back into my home eight months earlier.

Store important records in a water-proof place: Imagine if you had to write down every item in your home, along with its purchase price and date. That’s just one of the many things tasks on your list when you lose your home, and I did it over three weeks in a hotel room with a very big pile of tattered receipts. To ensure that these records remain intact in the case of any emergency, place your records and receipts in a plastic or water-proof box in an elevated location within your home.

Have an emergency plan: Think about what you would do if your home was completely flooded. Would your valuables be safe? Where would you go? How would you keep your family calm? Having lost my home in an instant, I can assure you that it’s much easier to have an answer to these questions in advance rather than attempting to solve them during the chaos of salvaging personal property, fielding insurance calls and surviving emergency services.


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