Checking Contractor References

When hiring a contractor, I recommend treating every aspect of the “recruiting” process the same way you would if you were hiring an employee at the office. Just as you would at work, never overlook the critical step of checking references.  Following are 

some sample questions to ask.  Since every reference may not have time to answer each question, they appear in order of priority:

Questions for Contractor References:


Please describe the scope of work for your project.

When did the contractor complete the project?

Describe your overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the final product.

Did the contractor complete your project within the allotted budget?

Did the contractor complete your project on time?

Was the contractor respectful of your property?

Did the contractor maintain a tidy work site?

Have you engaged the contractor in more than one job?

Would you use the contractor again for future jobs?

Please describe the degree to which your contractor was reliable.

Please describe the contractor’s willingness and ability to solve problems.

How flexible was the contractor in making changes?

How responsible was the contractor in scheduling inspections and following up on correction notices?

Did the contractor charge for every modification to the original scope of work?

Was your contractor torn between your project and competing jobs?

How often was the supervisor onsite?

How was the contractor’s communication and follow-up?



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