Resolving Contractor Disputes

When resolving contractor disputes, I recommend tossing your frustrations aside, taking a deep breath, and having a calm, but firm, conversation with your contractor. The last thing you will likely want to do is talk to him, however, it is typically the most effective — and least expensive — approach.

Keep your arguments based on contract violations and you may also hint, if necessary, that you are willing to report him to the state’s licensing board. Insist that you want to “work out the problem” together and be proactive in suggesting solutions. For example, if he is asking for more money, suggest that he use funds from another area within the budget. Acknowledge any possible communication breakdowns on your end and be willing to compromise if you do bear some responsibility.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is always a way to work through issues, and it is easier for you to do so than it is to battle in court. If negotiation does fail, you can always approach the Better Business Bureau or pursue arbitration.


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