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Challenging the Insurance Company

September 12, 2008

One of the most important rules to remember in negotiating an insurance settlement is to never accept the first offer. I challenged the first offer sent to me with a long letter detailing (more…)


As Seen on ABC News

September 5, 2008 was recently profiled on ABC News in conjunction with its hurricane and tropical storm coverage.

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Preparing for Home Disasters

September 4, 2008

Our hearts go out to the thousands of Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Fay victims. As we keep them in our thoughts, it is also a good time to remind ourselves that water damage can happen to anyone at anytime.  I am living proof.

There are a number of things I wish I had done to prepare myself to handle my own disaster recovery experience before the accident happened. I hope to make things easier for the next homeowner by sharing them in this post. (more…)