Flood Damage Hazards — Mold, Asbestos and the Insurance Company

Mold grows quickly after a flood – as quickly as 72 hours after the damage. Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover proper mold abatement. Here’s how I handled this problem.

Not only did I have severe mold growth in my condominium, but my home was also built in 1971. The ceilings, which needed to be demolished due to water damage, were loaded with asbestos. Both asbestos and mold require extremely skilled professionals to safely remove and dispose of them. The insurance company insisted that I authorize its contractor to remove the ceilings and asbestos from my condominium.  However, they refused to cover proper mold abatement, even though there had been mold growing in the unit

for several days.

I requested that I be awarded the money they would have spent on their asbestos abatement vendor. I then contracted directly with my own abatement company. I sought out reputable service providers and was successful in locating a vendor who performed both the asbestos and mold remediation simultaneously. Not only did the contractor execute both the mold and asbestos abatement, but he did so at a $700 savings to me. 


Regardless of which route you choose to pursue, be sure to have an independent environmental lab perform a clearance test to ensure that any abated area is safe. The company should issue you a detailed report with its findings; keep this report in a safe place in case you should ever be questioned with regard to the safety of your home.

Emergency Services -- Environmental Testing

Emergency Services -- Environmental Testing


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